Cecily Mariece Caceu


I grew up in Berkeley, California in the 60’s and 70’s.  As a child of a school librarian and an architect I was exposed to a wide variety of interests.  My Dad was in love with photography and I fondly remember his makeshift darkroom in the basement.  My Mom grew up in South Africa and her love of travel, cooking, animals, art and music has had a tremendous influence on me.  

I studied Political Science at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and was lucky enough to be able to spend a school year abroad in the South of France.  My love of  travel and the French language has never left me. 

My whole working life I worked as a Paralegal in big law firms in Sacramento, New York City and San Francisco.  Having an uncreative/stressful daytime job pushed me to rediscover my childhood passion for photography.  I started taking photography classes in New York City in the early 90's and have continued to do so.  In 2010 I got an iPhone3 and my world changed dramatically.  (I am now using an iphone4s)

My favorite subject matter to photograph is whatever catches my eye. The beauty of the everyday occurrence attracts me.  I am a huge admirer of church sign marquees, landscapes, trees, France, county fairs, clouds, my daughter, estate sales, cars, animals and items left on the street. Someday I would like to live in Paris and eat croissants and drink red wine at each meal.


My photography has been featured in the following juried shows:

  • Blue Nocturne, 2009, online juried exhibit by The Nocturnes (
  • The Spooky Show II, Astoria , Oregon 2010
  • Members’ Showcase, Newspace Gallery, Portland, Oregon 2011
  • Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts, Lake Oswego, Oregon 2012
  • Members’ Showcase, Newspace Gallery, Portland, Oregon 2012
  • Photography from the Edge: 2013 Themed Exhibition, Newspace Gallery, Portland, Oregon 2013
  • Mobile Photography Awards 2012 Honorable Mentions, Beach Life category
  • Mobile Photography Awards 2013 Honorable Mentions Performing Arts, Travel and Transportation
  • Iphone Photography Awards 2013 Honorable Mentions in the Travel and Children category
  • Members' Salon, Newspace Gallery, Portland, Oregon, 2013
  • Portraits of Planet Ocean digital show at the Smithsonian, Washington D.C.
  • Expanding Vision Exhibit, The Arts Center, Corvallis, Oregon 2014
  • Mobile Photography Awards 2014 Honorable Mentions Travel and Transportation
  • Various MobileMagic exhibits at Lightbox Gallery, Astoria, Oregon 2013- 2015


My  iphone photography has also been featured in the following books and places: 

  • 2013 edition of The Art of Iphone photography (see Books tab for more information)
  • 2013 edition of the interactive eBook Mobile Masters The Proof by Dan Marcolina
  • VSCO cam Grid March 9, 2015
  • iphoneography central 
  • The App Whisperer - two interviews     
  • The App Whisperer -- Weekly Flickr Showcase 
  • The App Whisperer -- Streets Ahead Flickr Showcase  
  • Life in Lofi  Flickr showcase 
  • We Are JUXT:  The 1,000 Words Showcase; Decim8 This; and The Sunday Blues Edit
  • Photographic Punctuation 
  • Pixels at an Exhibition
  • The World Through My Eyes
  • The iphone Arts, Curator’s Choice
  • Artist of the Day,


Photo sharing websites: 

Instagram: cecilyc